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Articles by Sherry Turkle

The two articles by Sherry Turkle really got me thinking about the way people view and use computers, especially children. Also, her articles help confirm the way I feel about children and computers. I think that it is essential to have computers available for children, but what they do on the computer should be monitored by either a parent or a teacher. Like Sherry states in her article “What Are We Thinking About When We Are Thinking About Computers?” one learns from the process of play, which means that they don’t read word for word the instruction manual of how certain games work or look up every word that’s presented in the game that they don’t understand. I find it is crucial to let children try and work things out on their own when playing computer games. A parent or teacher can step in if the child is getting too frustrated over it such that they would give up and not try to approach it another time. In the article “Cyborg Babies and Cy-Dough-Plasm”, Sherry refers to the “SIMS” and how children learn a large set of ideas by playing the games. I agree that the game can allow children to imagine beyond what is really present but it can also be quite dangerous. Children might pretend to be someone they are not and/or meet people who are not who they say they are and fall into dangerous situations. In any case, children should use computers in moderation so that they don’t let their lives be taken over by technology and forget about the “real” form of play.
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