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Technology in The Incredibles

The movie “The Incredibles” is filled with technology however, my focus will be on how the movie subtly portrays the reality of technology in society.

First of all, when all the superheroes were banned from doing superhero work, they all were forced to live normal lives. Robert Parr (a.k.a. “Mr. Incredible”) moved into a new house, got a smaller car, and basically did not have any form of technology that we would not see in a normal house. Later on in the movie, once “Mirage” asked him to work with her and he was earning 3x the amount of money he would have made working at the insurance company, you started to see him bring about more technology into his household (e.g. a better car).

Which brings me to my second point – you need money to get the technology. Is that not how society is nowadays too? If you don’t have the money or are lacking in that area, you probably would not have computers, fancy cars, big TVs, etc. It was very evident in the movie that those who earned a lot of money (e.g. Edna Mode and Mirage/Syndrome) had more forms of technology.

The movie also showed the advancement in technology; from Buddy’s rocket boots, he later invented jet packs, robots, etc. Even though at the beginning of the movie (Buddy inventing his rocket boots) children can be motivated to invent things as well, later on in the movie, you don’t really see any of the children using forms of technology. This can send the message that children should not and cannot use technology in their world.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now!
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