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Week 11 - Children as Photographers!

I am very fascinated with children and photography because I think it is very interesting to see what children find important. As the article by Stewart (2002) points out, children as young as 4 are capable of taking good photos. I can see how this finding can be true because it is often that young children are able to pick out details that many older children or adults miss out on. Giving children as well as adults the opportunity to view the photographs children take can be quite insightful. When children get to review their own photographs, they can learn to self-reflect and make modifications to their picture-taking techniques. When adults look at pictures that children have taken, they can get a better idea of what the children are interested in and it can facilitate meaningful discussions.

I came across a really pretty picture that an 11-year-old took at twilight and I am really amazed at how professional the picture looks. There’s a good chance that if the age of the child was not on the page, not many people would be able to guess a child took the picture. I think that as an educator, I would love to give my students opportunities to take disposable cameras to take pictures at different times of the day or just different aspects of their lives. One factor that I think plays a part in a child’s photography skills is the amount of opportunity they get to practice and to explore. For example, if a child rarely gets the chance to go outdoors they would not have many pictures of the environment/scenery.

The article by Sharples, Davison, Thomas, and Rudman (2003) makes an interesting statement about how the older children get the more they try to take adult-like pictures – with “posed idealized images”. From personal experience, my brother, who is 11-years-old often likes to try and capture action images. He attempts to take pictures while someone is jumping, running, or dodging, but soon realizes that because the camera has a slight delay, he is unable to capture such a picture.
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