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Week 10 - AccessGrid

Our experience with the AccessGrid last week was very interesting. It basically is a bigger version of the webcams we use at home, with a lot more functions. Even though I knew that people from both sides could have interacted and talked to each other (which is different than just having regular cameras on you) I still felt self-conscious about every action that I did. I was telling a friend that I didn’t even want to sneeze or blow my nose because the person that we’re talking to would see it. She brought up a very good point which is that even if you talk to someone face-to-face, you would do it anyway. The reason might be because the whole class had view of everyone so it seems like you’re being “extra” watched (if that makes any sense at all). If we all have had more experience with this type of technology we might be more relaxed and actually get up and experiment with the cameras and whatnot.
Relating this experience to young children, I think it would be a great way for children in the ELC to come into contact with children in other daycares across Canada, and maybe later even in other places around the world. For really young children, it is hard for them to imagine what or how things are when they are not in view. With the use of the AccessGrid, children can view other children in various parts of Canada and see either how similar they are or even how different they are. Some modifications would have to be made, however, especially if it is the AccessGrid that is available at Ryerson. It would be most advantageous if the children have eye-to-eye contact with each other rather than having to lift their heads up and strain their necks. I can imagine that if the children interact with each other a few times and form some type of relationship, they can share some artwork with each other or some songs/plays for one another to learn to appreciate other people/cultures.
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