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Week 7 Readings

Open Source Household by Daniel Dern
At first I felt confused about what the article was talking about because I am not too familiar with Linux – I’ve heard that name before but was unsure of what it was exactly. After understanding the basis of this article more clearly, I find that it is quite an interesting concept – to have open sources in the home. Typically, you would imagine only having the most popular software for your computer, which would probably be Windows. However, there are so many other types of software available that might even be better than what the majority of people possess. I was enlightened by the fact that the different software that was mentioned in the article was free and they still offered a large variety of programs to download and use. In my opinion, children should be introduced to a variety of software so their abilities are more versatile. As it was mentioned in the article, one of the children was not able to use the computer at his friend’s house because it was not the software that he used at home. For people that use Windows, they should experiment with other software, such as Linux so they are not refined to using only what Windows supports.

National Institute on Media and the Family Joins Senator Clinton in Demanding the Truth about Secret Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Pornographic Content
I find it very shocking that those individuals who programmed the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would include pornographic content. Although a code was required to view the content, it doesn’t make matters better because the code was there for a reason. If they did not want people to see such content, they would not even have the code available. I’m not saying that people are not allowed to include pornographic content because even in some award-winning movies, there are scenes of nudity, for example. As it states in the article, the rating should be appropriately changed if there is pornographic content so that parents who are purchasing the game for their children are warned ahead of time.

Seductions of Sim by Paul Starr
While reading the article, I really liked the term “edutainment”, which basically means educational entertainment. I was always for educational computer games because I feel that it’s a productive way for children to learn important things in a fun way so that they’re excited about learning.
I knew that simulations are not something new; however I did not know what people used it for in the past. I find it interesting that military services and other business professionals used simulations to assist them in their job, but in 2 different ways. One way is a role-playing game and the other way was through a complex system. Nowadays, the simulations games that we know of, such as SIMS, the two are combined. There are advantages and disadvantages of the Sim games - the advantage would be that people can play out close to real-life situations and work through problems; the disadvantage is that playing the game on the computer takes a person away from the real world and the social interaction with real people. When policymakers truly generate laws and health plans, for example, a lot of debate and effort is put into it, it isn’t as simple as the game shows it to be. Whatever Sims depicts can be pretty close to what happens in the real world, but that’s all it can ever be.
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