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Week #6 – Hacking Human

While reading this article I started to feel a little scared because it never really crossed my mind that there are people out there that try to fish out all the information that they can about a person. I’m not totally innocent when it comes to looking up information and I bet a lot of us aren’t. Aren’t we hacking other people when we go to Mapquest to look up their address and exactly where their house is located? I know I have used the phone number reversal lookup as well at work when I have no idea what a customer’s name is by their writing but they left a phone number. For some reason it doesn’t feel like I’m invading their space because I know that the intention is not to do any harm. However, when you think about someone else doing that to you, it makes you wonder why they would do it and it kind of creeps you out (especially if you don’t know the person).
I’ve always known not to put too personal information on the internet because it can be dangerous, but it wasn’t until reading this article that it really clicked in that all information that we put on the internet will always be there. There are always ways for people to find out certain information if they try hard enough to look for it. Also, I’ve always found it sort of spooky when you meet someone in person and they know who you are by your online name (if you have a blog, for example). The reality is though that if you put enough information about where you go to school or where you work, your picture, and some of your interests, someone is bound to recognize you. If you’re lucky, the people would be nice, if you’re unlucky, you can be in big trouble. Keeping a blog is a good way to have a record of your thoughts and events, but not having it such that people know every aspect of your life is also important. Remember also that it’s always more fun to find out information about someone by talking to them rather than reading it off a computer screen or piece of paper.
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