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Week 5 Reading #2

“Literacy Network: Using Computer Network Technology to Support Deaf Students’ Meaning Making in Science” by Babette Moeller on the Center for Children & Technology Page

Studies have shown that individuals who are deaf often have difficulty at school because poor literacy skills and writing abilities. By the time students finished high school, their reading level was generally around the fourth grade. With the help of technology in the schools, the students are given the opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas with other students or teachers using programs that let them have group conferencing, send/receive email, or analyze data (using such programs as SPSS).

As it was found with the study that’s presented in the article, having this technology in classrooms can benefit the outcome of students who are deaf. However, the teacher must have some training on how to integrate the use of computers into their usual curricula. Overall, the teachers who were trained to integrate this form of technology into their classroom felt that there was an improvement in the students. For example, it was noted that the students seemed to collaborate more with other students and their vocabulary and descriptive skills improved. On the other hand, some students did not benefit as much from the computers and that may be because they lacked in computer skills to begin with. I think that computers can greatly improve deaf students’ ability to communicate with other people without the awkward barrier of not being able to use ASL. Also, if there are deaf teachers as well, it would be easier for the students and the teachers to communicate with each other (for extra support or to ask questions).
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