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I believe that there are both advantages and disadvantages with having cameras/webcams in a childcare centre. The advantage of having cameras would be for the safety of the parents, children, and the daycare workers. When I say safety, I mean that it protects each individual from being blamed in certain situations. For example, if a child got a bruise because he bumped himself during the day, the parents can easily blame the childcare worker that they were being abusive. With the cameras in place, there is less of a chance that someone would be accused for something they did not do. Another advantage with having cameras is to ease the minds of parents. At times, parents, especially parents who are letting go of their children for the first time, are anxious about if their child will cry, if they will get along with other children, etc., and with the cameras, parents are able to log on to the website anytime during the day and check up on their child. Lastly, another advantage would be more related to convenience. For example, if the childcare worker recommended that parents go and observe their child during play but the parents don’t have the time out of their busy work schedule to actually go to the centre, they can observe their child through the internet. Disadvantages of having cameras would also be related to safety, except this time it’s regarding parents who do not wish for their child to be on the internet. What measures would be taken to ensure their privacy? Would the childcare centre still have the cameras installed? Even though the password is only released to the parents of the childcare centre and the staff, is there not a chance that hackers can get access to everybody’s children? Whatever the case may be, parents should be aware that their physical presence is always better than watching their child through a computer screen.
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